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13mm Transportation Cap

13mm Transport Cap
13mm Transport Cap
(patent pending)

This cap has been tested on the Beckman Coulter Power Processor ™ and Automate 800™ systems.

Our 13mm Transport Cap is designed to work with the MWC Laboratory Solutions 13mm Aliquot Tubes in the Beckman Coulter automated centrifuges and decappers.

With no need to by-pass the centrifuge, this tube and cap combination provides a safe and efficient way of transporting aliquot samples to and from your laboratory.

(Not designed to work in the Beckman Coulter recapper)


Product Summary

13mm Transportation Cap designed specifically for the MWC Laboratory Solutions 13mm Aliquot Tube.

Packaging: 2 bags of 1,000  
Part Number: A1201013  
Price: $180.00 per case  


  • "Snap on" push cap
  • Made of high quality medical grade polypropylene
  • Inner ring seal to prevent leaking
  • Hand or automated decapping
  • Can be used for transport or storage of aliquot samples.
  • IATA/DOT certified for safe transport when used with MWC Laboratory Solutions 13mm Aliquot Tubes.






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